29 April, 2010

Caution! Venting in progress.

1.) The plural of aircraft is aircraft. Not "aircrafts".

2.) The plural of knife is knives. Not "knifes".

3.) An aircraft hangar is not spelled "hanger".

4.) How the hell did so many people graduate from high school without being able to use "there, their and they're" properly?

5.) In regards to number four, are kids actually smarter these days? Or have the standards just been lowered so much that they all appear that way?

6.) If you take notice between text messages, the round thing in front of you is called a steering wheel. Your hands need to be on it. So, put the fuckin' phone down and drive.

7.) I frequently hear truck drivers ask "Is there something I can help you with?" The proper answer is "No sir, not at the moment. If I need help I'll let you know." What I really want to say is "Yes. You can help me by staying the hell out of my way and letting me do my job."
*For virtual pilots only.

8.) If you are flying from Chicago to Miami by going from VOR to VOR, it might not be a good idea to have your first way point in Florida. Illinois and Indiana have some very nice VOR beacons.

9.) IFR cruise altitudes from 000 to 179 degrees are ODD thousands of feet. From 180 to 359 degrees cruise altitudes are in EVEN thousands of feet. "Easterners are odd" Memorize it.

10.) In the real world, pilots learn to fly in Piper Cubs, Cessna 172s etc. and build upon those first flights. Gradually working towards more complicated aircraft. In the virtual world, there's pilots who can fly a Boeing 767 with a full FMS across the Atlantic, but can't do something as simple as intercepting a VOR radial.

11.) The CDI while on an ILS approach is twice as sensitive as it is when tracking a VOR radial.

12.) Intercepting the localizer at a ninety degree angle, at the FAF, at 250 knots is not a good idea (see number 11).

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