23 January, 2011

Hobby and Reality On Converging Courses

My main hobby is virtual aviation. Both flying and controlling. My real life is concerned with the lady I wrote about in the previous post. These two things are likely to converge and touch a nerve with me regarding the same thing. I don't need to describe my problems with the lady again. My hobby of controlling on the VATSIM network is giving me problems though. The ATM at my ARTCC resigned from his position today after a lengthy "witch hunt" by a handful of my fellow controllers. I won't deny their complaints of our ATM not being around much and not having much of an online presence, I have issue with the way they went about airing their grievances. They did almost everything except hang the ATM in effigy. I took neither side as I usually do, but I have lost all respect for those controllers who made up this "lynch mob". Our ATM posted on the message board his resignation for all to see and a few of the mob had the audacity to post well wishes such as "best of luck to you." It disgusts me to no end. This leads to the parallel with the lady in my life.

I'm lazy and a bit of a slob, I'm one of the "working poor" formerly known as the middle class so I don't have much, but I have a very old fashioned sense of duty and honor. I say "sir" and "Ma'am", hold doors for women, help people whenever I'm called on etc. I don't know where the saying came from, but I live by it. "My honor is my loyalty." With the controllers of the mob, they were out for blood and they got it. Then they turned around and wished the ATM well? Two-faced sons-of-bitches is what they are! No loyalty to either side equals no honor! With the lady her infidelity of the past means no loyalty, hence no honor. I'm capable of forgiving people for many things (thank you for that gift Grandpa!) but forgiving someone for such a gross breach of honor is almost impossible for me to do.

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