16 March, 2013

Professional athletes

It is my opinion that the majority of pro football players are in it for the ridiculous amounts of money they get paid. "It's all about the game. The money isn't that important." Bullshit. I'd like to see how many of them would still play if their salary was put on the same level as the average professional worker. There's always going to be the argument that they have to stay in top form, have to travel extensively, have to stay on top of the game etc. What about an airline pilot? They have to travel extensively, constantly learn new things to stay current and, despite what you may think, aren't paid very well. Many airline pilots have second jobs! If an airline pilot fucks up, people die. If a football player fucks up they only have to deal with an overpaid coach and face paint wearing fans.

What about a diesel mechanic who's been busting his ass 12 to 15 hours a day, five days a week, for months on end only to be yelled at for "not getting everything done"?  That mechanic doesn't have an off-season to look forward to.  That mechanic is also just barely above what is considered a poverty wage.  No sponsors, no million dollar contracts, no glory, just the desire to keep a roof over his family's head and food on the table.

Who's more important, the mechanic or the professional athlete?  Think about the uniforms, shoes, balls, fertilizer for the field, the paint used to mark the field, the programs, the band, the team's transport to the field...  Who do you think keeps the trucks, cars and buses running?  Certainly not the athletes.  When a "professional" football team flies to another city, think about the woman standing outside in freezing temperatures, in a little basket on the end of a boom truck, spraying deicing fluid all over the "professional's" airplane.  That woman serves a purpose. She's helping to keep the "professionals" inside the aircraft safe.  That woman probably earns less than an eighth of what the "professionals" inside the aircraft are raking in.  All she wants to do is give her kids a good home.  What are the professionals doing for their fellow man?

All of you fuckers who might bring up the whole "Oh, they might get hurt because they have to work so hard playing their game..." thing.  Fuck you.  I cut my head open on a truck and bled until the emergency room staff stitched me up.  Did my pay go up for getting hurt?  Fuck no!  I was expected to be at work the next day.

"But what about the professional's donations to charity?"  Fuck you.   Deep down you know it's only them jerking you off.   They'll pick a charity and donate pittance to make it seem like they're not the money-grubbing sons-of-bitches that they are.  The salt in the wound is some of the people who actually make this country go 'round are relying upon those charities.

I went to school to learn my trade.  I've spent years and years improving my skills.  I'm ASE certified.  I have to buy my own tools.   I provide an useful service to society.  I'm sure most athletes couldn't do my job and I'm sure I couldn't do their job.  Why is the pay scale so lopsided? 

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