02 March, 2014

Attention Young Men

Young Men,

Don't try to be sneaky, us older men know exactly what you're up to.  You can't forget that us old guys were once young guys just like you.  If you get tattoos that you know will, purposely, be on display to the general public, expect to be criticized.  You may get those tattoos to appear more intimidating or "bad-ass" but the rest of us see right through that charade.  Believe me, we'll call you on it.  We're not afraid of you.  We know your first reaction will, most likely, be some sort of violent act such as trying to punch us in the nose.  Us older folk are aware of that and have made plans for that reaction.  You're not fooling anyone except yourself.  I have a tattoo myself.  I thought long and hard about it before I traipsed into the parlor and had it done.  I didn't get it to show that I was a tough guy, I didn't get it to prove anything.  I got it because it means something to ME.  I didn't get it as "cool" decoration, I got it because it represents one thing that defines me as a person.  My tattoo is usually covered and not on display, but should someone see it and inquire about it, I'm happy to explain why it's there.  So, before you have ink injected into your epidermis, you should think (a lot) about the reasons for wanting a tattoo.  You need to consider what it will be like to have that tattoo as a 60 year old man while you're bouncing your grandchildren on your knee.  If the explanation you would give your grandchildren isn't the same explanation you would give to yourself the day before you get that tattoo, you shouldn't get it.  Don't be a douche bag and plaster yourself with tattoos that don't mean anything.  The rest of the world will see the truth behind it.

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