22 November, 2014

Guilty Pleasure


As with any business that caters to the public at large, I have to deal with the occasional jerk.  One pompous ass specifically.  This particular customer is running under another person's authority and thinks he's God's gift to trucking.  This person also owes us (the shop) a shit-ton of money.  He's making regular payments, but it's akin to spitting on a five alarm fire.  Any other shop would have flat-out told this guy to go fuck himself before doing any additional work or, at the extreme, gone to the extreme of imposing a mechanics' lien on the truck and locked it up until the balance had been paid in full.  Not us.  Someone up on high has allowed Napoleon to continue stacking up debt.  The worst part?  Napoleon still thinks he's priority number one.  He calls and expects us to drop everything to serve him.  Whenever I see him or hear his voice on the phone the only thing in my mind is "Go fuck yourself!"  So, when he showed up last night expecting a starter to be replaced, I reminded him that his balance was going to be much higher than before.  I also kidded that his truck would look pretty good with the shop's logo on the door.  Hinting at the fact he should pay up before we take his shit away from him.  So, it was with much glee that I removed his starter only to find that the replacement starter he had shipped to us... was wrong.  It was 02:00.  I called the "customer", which is an inaccurate term.  Customers pay for services rendered, this guy is more of a moocher.  Anyway, I called, got voice mail, left a message that, in polite terms, said "You're fucked!" and hung up.  The truck is OOS, basically, until Monday.  And I enjoyed every second of letting him know it.  Karma is a mean bitch, isn't it, Napoleon?  Pay up or fuck off!  Your truck can rot in the shop for all I care.  I'll spend my precious time on customers who actually pay their bills.  We're a business, not a fucking charity organization.  Put out or get out, you pompous ass.


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