13 June, 2015

Shop Update: 13 June, 2015

I just finished uploading the final parts of my "Fan Hub" series to YouTube.  It ended up being ten parts.  The project was done in one session after work because the part had to be installed the next day.  From start to finish I somewhere around five hours into it.  It was a simple part and probably could have been knocked out by a professional machinist in an hour.  Amongst the other things I'm learning, I'm learning how to be more efficient on the lathe.  I try to set needed tools out before starting a job, have stock selected etc.  Problem is, I don't always know what I'm going to need right from the start.  I am still pretty green when it comes to machining. 

I also uploaded a short clip of those cabinet doors I made for my Mother's kitchen.  I didn't have the new drawer fronts made at that time.  A video I made for the Facebook crowd also got uploaded to YouTube.  Sometimes I decide a video made for Facebook might be interesting to those on YouTube.  The FB vids have black backgrounds with white text, the opposite of what I use for YT vids. 

Upcoming vids that have been filmed, but not edited, will include another tool purchase and review, a "how to" regarding tips for broken bolt removal and a tour of my basement "machinist's" tool box.

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