11 October, 2015

Save the Boobs Month

Breast Cancer "Awareness" month.  The tool trucks are all running specials wherein the purchases of certain tools will cause a certain percentage of the profits to be donated to breast cancer.....  Meaningless.

Your Facebook shares, twitter posts, instagram pictures etc. do not do one thing to cure breast cancer, diabetes, reduce drunken driver kills, solve child abuse et al.  You think you're participating, you think you're doing your bit but you're doing nothing.  Nothing at all. 

An Uncle and a Cousin of mine were killed by drunken drivers.  My Father and Maternal Grandfather died from cancer.  My Brother, Mark, died from diabetes related complications.  Do you think sharing a post on Facebook helps?  It doesn't.  You're fooling yourself if you think it does.  Your intentions are worthless, but your actions can perform miracles. 

If you truly want to help a cause, donate directly to the source doing the fighting.  The American Diabetes Association, the American Cancer Society, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the United Way, the Red Cross...  "Awareness" and social media don't mean a goddamned thing.  The ribbons, the decals, the posters...  Meaningless.  How about you find a family from your church, school, place of employment etc. who is dealing with cancer, diabetes, death from a drunken driver, and helping them directly.  You could offer to mow their lawn, feed them for a day, offer your support and a willing ear, give someone a ride to the hospital.  So many ways to help that will mean something and actually make a difference. 

Put down that fucking "smart" phone and actually DO something.

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