11 February, 2016

Backwards Compatible

I was writing a letter to my Aunt and I got to thinking "I wonder how many people under 25 know how to send a letter?"  In the age of "smart" phones (a totally inappropriate name for a device that dumbs people down) people have become too dependent on these electronic devices.  I'm amazed by the people I've known whose lives seemed on the brink of destruction because their "smart" phone failed.  They depend on the phone for contact information, and when the phone fails they're dependent on the service provider for back up.  How about taking on some of the responsibility and writing that information down?  If your "smart" phone fails, will you know how to pay your bills?  And the cost of having a "smart" phone... Jesus H. Christ!  Having your ability to contact people, pay your bills, navigate in your car and access the internet all in the hands of one entity?  Are you nuts?  And then there's the TV, cell phone, home phone and internet "all in one" packages.  Insanity!  The most recent spam (in mail form) I received from the Borg stated something like "Guaranteed fixed rate for two years!"  I didn't read further but I'm sure it entailed a five year contract, wherein they bend you over and fuck you right up the ass (no lube) for three years.  The "phone" company can go fuck themselves.  Google documents, Google+, Google search engine, Google dildo supply...  They'll tell you what you want and how long you're going to like it.  And you people keep drinking the Kool-Aid.  When was the last time (if ever) you've written a letter?  When was the last time (if ever) you've received a letter?  Would you know how to address a letter?  Would you know where to buy stamps (if you even know what stamps are) if you didn't have your "smart" phone to tell you?  Could you drive to an unfamiliar place without the aid of the GPS on  your "smart" phone?  Would you even be able to know what the time is without your "smart" phone?  When was the last time you read the Sunday comics?  When was the last time you read a book that didn't require battery power?

I know I'm being harsh, but I'm doing so with purpose.  I have a cell phone (A flip phone.  Cheap.) and use it often, but I don't even have a texting plan.  I have an old iPod touch that I use frequently, mainly for the camera and alarm functions, but I don't depend on it.  I also, obviously, use some of the things Google provides.  This blog for example.  I also give money to the local phone provider for a land line and internet connection.  A slow, DSL internet connection (Cheap!).  But I'm not a slave to those things.  I have an address book, a journal, a rather large home library, a library card, a newspaper subscription and a mail box.  All of that stuff works without power.  Hell, I even have a set of encyclopedias in one of the bookcases.  I certainly enjoy modern technology, but I can get along without it just fine.  Can you?  Go write someone a letter.

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