08 March, 2016

It could have been a book.

They left out a bunch of information. Did that dude use an assault knife or just a regular knife without a high capacity blade? We need to start sending letters to our government requesting knife control and background checks for people who seek to buy these truly hideous "assault knives".

Before you start calling me an asshole, please try and put things into perspective. If this Elvis-lookin' creep had used a firearm the general public would be losing their fucking minds. "OMG we need to ban muzzle loaded smooth bore muskets right the fuck now!!" A person was killed. That's tragedy enough. The dude was messed up in the head and he was going to kill this poor girl regardless of the weapon. It could have been a Furby and Wii controller. How many people get killed because other people, possibly like yourself, are more concerned with their "smart" phone than driving? What about those assholes who get behind the wheel thinking "I only had eight beers, I'm fine"?
The US gets all riled up when some person with mental illness walks into a school and shoots people, a deranged individual sets fire to a church or a despondent person drives full throttle into an office building.  A knife, a gun, a Penske truck full of fertilizer, an airplane, a rock... Someone who is hell-bent on killing is going to kill.  Period.  Guns seem to be the only weapon that is a hot topic.  After 9-11-2001 was there a mass uprising demanding the control and/or ban of aircraft?  No.  Have you heard about the legislation calling for a ban on axes longer than 16"?  Neither have I.  Gun control and/or banning guns with certain accoutrements isn't going to accomplish a damned thing, save for pissing off a large portion of the country.  If you've watched any documentaries involving commandos, spec-ops etc., you'll realize that one person, with only a knife, can dispatch an alarmingly large number of people before the alarm is raised.  Duct tape!  Duct tape can be a weapon.  
I've had a knife pulled on me.  I've had a gun pulled on me.  I was not concerned with the weapon either time.  What terrified me was the fact that I was staring down an individual who had one goal.  That goal was to end me.  No remorse, no mercy, just hate.  Then, there are the times I almost got killed by some driver who was too busy with their "smart" phone.  It's a chilling thing when you realize that someones fucking text message is more important than your life.  
If you are anti-gun, I'm not knocking your stance.  If you're pro-gun, I ask that you don't automatically condemn the "anti-gun" people.  Before you start shouting at each other, I ask that you spend a mere 30 minutes, by yourself, and ask yourself "what is the core problem?"  
For the record, I do not support the NRA.  I did at one time, but the sheer amount of spam I received, not to mention the DVD scam they forced upon me, left a sour taste in my mouth and the strong desire to never, ever support that organization again.  
If you've made it this far before hitting the "reply" button, I will assume you're a level-headed individual.  Thank you.  For those who barely made it past the first two paragraphs before leaving a comment, I will pick you apart for not having read the whole article.  

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